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I'm not homesick, just lonely for their company."A devoted cricket fan – his cousins Jeff and Martin Crowe both played for New Zealand – he is disappointed that the filming schedule of American Gangster means that he will not be in Australia for the forthcoming Ashes series, although he has no doubt about the outcome.

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We get the perspective of solar installer Sean Flanagan, owner of Flanagan and Sun, on what is driving renewables. The Academy Award winning-actor has enjoyed a diverse career including several memorable performances in Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, his breakout performance in Romper Stomper and his most recent directorial debut of WWI epic, The Water Diviner.Here we take a look back at Russell through the years and watch him go from a budding Aussie actor to a fully-fledged Hollywood heavyweight.Big personalities you know and love and big personalities we know you’re going to fall for with outstanding, original shows everyday.We hope to make you laugh, to make you think, and to show you what’s going on in the world."There are some things I just don't care about any more.

Now that I'm getting a little bit older and the bones are creaking and the Achilles tendons don't work the way they should, the perspective just changes."The 42-year-old New Zealand-born Australian wears a black tracksuit emblazoned with the words South Sydney – the name of the Australian football team he has bought in partnership with entrepreneur Peter Holmes a Court – and sports what he calls a "David Cassidy haircut", a legacy from American Gangster, which he is currently filming with director Ridley Scott in New York.

The Toronto Film Festival, where his new film A Good Year was screened last month, was the first time he had had to submit to questions since the incident in New York when, while promoting Cinderella Man, he threw a telephone at a hotel clerk and was arrested.

He pleaded guilty to third-degree assault, paid $160 (£85) in court fees and was told to behave himself for a year.

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