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Updating podcasts

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If you update an episode's audio but keep the same enclosure URL, the episode will not be automatically updated on Google Play Music.If you need to change the URL of your podcast's RSS feed, contact our support team.

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Why aren’t my new episodes showing up in the i Tunes store?If you update the image for your podcast, you'll also need to update the image URL for the change to appear on Google Play Music.When you update information in your podcast’s RSS feed, including metadata and general information, the information is reviewed by our team before it’s updated on Google Play Music.Because many listeners use i Tunes for podcasts, these are common concerns we hear about from Podbean podcasters.Here’s how to check problems with your podcast updating in i Tunes and what kind of timing to expect from i Tunes.Please note, as Apple states, “If your podcast is approved, you receive an email confirmation indicating your submission review is complete.

Your confirmation email also includes the link to your active podcast.

But now, for the first time, they’ll have feedback to work with, which could mean better episodes for you in the future.

As Matthew Liber, the president of Gimlet Media (the makers of And as for you listeners, Apple also promises to have more “clear, concise” titles, and a quick play feature in the app that will let you start your podcasts from where you left off.

It's enough to make a small change to the URL, such as adding or updating a URL parameter.

Since episode audio files are cached on Google Play Music, updated episodes need to use enclosure URLs that are different from their original URLs.

So of course, Apple is paying special attention to them these days, and as part of the i OS 11 update, there are big changes coming to podcasts.