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The day finally arrived, Eric sent me a message on facebook, telling me where we could meet for lunch.

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Honestly, I really dont know where to begin, first of all I do love and care for my boyfriend!Members login and enjoy this kinky, hardcore BDSM hardcore adventure"! gemini because of my split personality, but they really dont know half of the things Im into"!"We go inside the day of the life of a horny hippy medical student with a big ass full bush, who secretly craves the darker things in life! Login and find out why is the fastest growing dark erotica interracial porn site online!Eric, spread my cheeks and started pounding my pussy real hard, I couldnt hold it back, I let out a loud scream"OOOOOOO shit, your dick feel so hard! My family would be speechless, my future husband would have a heart attack, I started to kick my leg towards Eric's leg and scream, "PLEASE do not cum inside of me, for heaven sake, please dont do this to me!! "I was disgusted, this guy was always an arrogant asshole, but this took the cake"! (three days later) "I couldnt get the pounding out of my mind, Eric took control of me and never stopped"!I started cumming instantly, I could feel him breathing on my neck as he pulled my hair and moaned, "take every inch of this black dick bitch, you know you like this shit"! My pussy was eating up his big black dick, and I couldnt stop feeling guilty about cheating on the man, who wants to marry me for the rest of my life! He pushes me on the bed and reinserts his big ass dick inside of me! Cum on my face, pussy, tits I dont care, but please, please not inside of....... Since then my boyfriend and I have only had sex one time and he came in 5 minutes.Eric, then unzipped my panties, pulled them down and bent me over the balcony rail, I could feel his warm hard dick rubbing againt my leg! My future husband would NEVER agree to an open marriage, he's a white conservative banker who thinks, watching *deal or no deal" on saturday nights is a highlight! My mouth was wide open, I could feel a warm stream of juice roll outside of my hairy pussy lips! "This is god telling you, to dumb that bastard, you are just going to cheat on him"!

He just forced it inside my pussy, which was soak and wet! Dam, I miss the good old days when I use to fuck alot of black guys! Eric's long black dick started to get harder and harder, I could feel a huge load of sperm coming from his balls, he was about to cum inside of me which would be a MAJOR problem! "Your pussy loved every minute and wants more, truth be told, so get your white ass over here and give me some more of that pussy"!

I couldnt say no, he bought me a nice dinner and alot of drinks, plus I did miss his big black cock inside of me"! "Eric just stood at the bottom of the bed, with sweat dripping off his dark black body, with is dick still semi erect!!

I told me make it quick, because I had to get home! "Whats the problem baby, you really think you are going to be faithful to that white boy"??

It was only a matter of time before we taught her how to suck a 9" thick snake dick!

This submissive Asian bitch screamed like a new born baby when her pussy felt that big ass dick!

I tried to cut him off and tell him I needed to get home to avoid any conversation of after drink hook ups!