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Hollywood sexcapades online

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I'm not done yet," he recently told a local radio show. "My intuition said "'no,' but maybe my little head was saying 'yes' because she was hot."He follows up later at the dinner table with a joke about his cocaine arrest. What I realized later is I just really liked the smell of it," he says. Senate — or president of the United States," he says, winking, in the first episode of Bravo's new reality series earlier this month that he may mount an independent bid against Republican Sen. Graham is already locked in a four-way primary for a return bid to the Senate, which is he is expected to win."We'll cross that bridge when we get there," Graham said, when asked about a possible challenge from Ravenel, noting that he and his team are focused on the primary. "I normally don't have a thing for redheads," he reflects the next morning.

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They all knew.” NBC News fired Lauer last week for inappropriate sexual behavior, and in the ensuing days, NBC News’ top bosses Andy Lack and his deputy, Noah Oppenheim, have claimed they had no prior knowledge of Lauer’s conduct.The notorious event ─ now legendary in New York media circles ─ pushed the outer limits of sexist, racist, homophobic and obscene jokes — and left little doubt that Lauer’s colleagues knew NBC’s biggest star had a troubled marriage and a wandering eye. It was shouted from the mountaintops and everybody laughed about it.” The 2008 Friars Club roast took place at the New York Hilton and was attended by everyone from future President Donald Trump to TV legend Norman Lear to a constellation of New York’s media elite including Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Nancy O’Dell and Howard Stern.Last week, NBC’s own Joe Scarborough, who attended the roast but said he left early, feeling uncomfortable, brought it up on “Morning Joe.” Lauer’s peccadillos, he said, were not just known about. “The whole theme was that he does the show and then he has sex with people, with employees,” Scarborough said. Also on hand were numerous top executives from across the business and almost everyone who was anyone at NBC News.“Let me just say that I saw that colon a lot before the rest of you saw it,” Lauer said in an anal sex joke about Couric (who famously underwent a colonoscopy on air).But the twice-married Lauer wasn’t finished joking about sleeping with female contemporaries. It was fun to look over and see Ann Curry laughing…Fox News has confirmed many details of the roast with a media executive who attended, and has also drawn on the one contemporaneous account of the roast, which appeared in The Village Voice.

Speaker Martha Stewart joked, “I hear NBC executives call Matt the ‘Cock of the Rock',” according to The Voice.

In the first episode of the series, the 51-year-old drinks heavily with his friends while hitting on a bevy of women half his age, searching for the perfect political wife, before bedding one of them.

Ravenel's behavior on the show thus far hardly meshes with a man planning a political comeback.

"There is no obfuscation when it comes to interacting with Thomas Ravenel.

There is no confusion over where he's coming from," Folks told .

like she doesn’t know how big my d--- really is,” Lauer said, wrapping up an event that The Village Voice called “three hours of d--- jokes.” The Voice, which had managed to have a spy secretly write “down the dirtiest jokes on a notepad under the table,” was the only publication to write anything about the top-secret roast, despite the fact that the room was filled with media luminaries.