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Somehow, a higher number of spots is correlated with offspring parasite resistance, and so males that pair with heavily spotted females gain substantial reproductive benefits.

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Owls swallow food whole or rip it apart in their beak and swallow pieces. The white pasty excrement is uric acid, the equivalent to a mammal’s urine. Back to Top The male delivers prey to the female during the time she is incubating the eggs and brooding the young chicks. Incubation begins after the first egg is laid and the female only rarely leaves the nest during this time, and only for brief periods. It has not been determined whether Barn Owls are specialist or opportunistic predators. Nesting Barn Owls sometimes store dozens of prey items at the nest site while they are incubating to feed the young once they hatch. When a prey item is swallowed whole, indigestible parts of prey, such as fur, bone, and tough insect parts, will form a pellet in a muscular area of the stomach called the gizzard.

Back to Top You probably observed it regurgitating or “casting” a pellet.

If you’re looking for the answer to a specific question, type control-F (command-F on a Mac) and start typing in your search terms to quickly find the answer. So, though we don’t have all the details, and no specific studies have been conducted on Barn Owls, they probably do have some ability to smell. Owls’ large forward facing eyes give them the best stereoscopic vision of all birds, which is vital for judging distances.

Scientists have also discovered that some species of birds can tell each other apart by smell.

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Back to Top The amount of food required for a Barn Owl depends on the size of the owl and the time of the year.