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Elle: 2 GA - 2003-11-02 - Elle - Meet Elle GA - 2003-12-03 - Elle - Crawfish delight GA - 2004-03-16 - Cveta Katia - Flower girls I have in the Unpublished-section and only a "fake"-cover. As some of you maybe know, there are -and there were- several threads & web pages dedicated to Grigori Galitsin's work & to GGGs -Grigori Galitsin's Girls-; but not one of them were so famous than those published at Forumophilia (FO) a decade ago.

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eally don't like talking about myself, but here is a little about me.

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And on Thursday, a smiling Vince Vaughn got back to what he does best as he filmed scenes for his upcoming movie Fighting With My Family.